Monday, May 07, 2012

Kuwait's Punishment

This Aug. 2nd it will be 22 years since Iraqis invaded Kuwait and occupied the little country for a few months until the US coalition led forces liberated it. But why I am writing about it and why now is the question. This colleague of my, well we do not work together closely, is a reasonable man whom I like. Always helpful and we get good chats at time. He was in Kuwait shortly after the Iraqis withdrew. I must say that to me, Iraqis invading Kuwait was a good news at the time because Kuwait aided Iraq during its war with Iran both financially and practically. How practical it was? Since Iraq had limited access to Persian Gulf, Kuwait let Iraqi forces use the three major islands of theirs named Bubiyan, Failaka and Warbah.
Anyhow T. M. was in Kuwait shortly after the war was over. I guess he was running a shop during the time that different nationalities were trying to put out more than 400 oil wells which had been set on fire by Iraqi bastards when they were leaving. He brought a small album of a few photos that he had taken himself there. I never felt intimidated or anything during the 8-year war between Iran and Iraq because we never were close to the borders and even when the Battle of Cities started I was amongst a few who did not leave the city in the first attempt. My parents came later and took me to a village where we all were safe because Battle the Cities was exchanging ground-to-ground missiles between major Iranian and Iraqi cities. But looking at these photos, I, just a little, felt the fear of war because these are real photos taken by someone who I know and has been there. It was a totally different feeling. It has been a long time that I also wanted to write about the Imposed War especially when I got back from the old country where I had been after 6.5 years and it was a shock but when there, I didn't have the chance or better to say I was not able to find three friends of mine who directly were involved by being in the fields. I attach two photos here and finish this post.
(Photo(s): Top, an oil well is burning. What you see on the ground is not water, it is oil as well. Bellow: grenades are seen with a bottle of water)

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