Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Unstable Businesses

I always believed that running a business is a very hard thing to do if you want to make good profit, stay competitive and be headache-free! But I do not believe there are many businesses like that. Risks are always involved.
There are many businesses of different kinds available in 17th Ave. SW Calgary but I personally have seen quite many changes. Many of them went out of business. Many of them still running after 10 years. There were two Sex Shops which do not exist anymore. There were also two Blockbusters which they went of business one after another, the second time last year almost the same time as now. Many restaurants have been changes and rarely a few have survived. Most of the survivors are chain restaurants or simply put fast foods including Wendy's, McDonald's, Boston Pizza, etc. It's even harder to survive now because now all around downtown you have to pay for parking. I personally prefer to go somewhere that I do not have to be worried about my car but seems many people do not care. Rather than that unlike Vancouver that you have to pay for parking until 10:00 PM, here the Pay Parking is no longer in effect after 06:00 PM which is very good businesses.
(Photo: This restaurant with a nice name and nice decoration, at least outside got my attention last summer but saw it close just last week! I do not know how long they were in business but should not have been very long because I had not seen it before)

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