Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dairyland Milk

There are lots of talks on daily basis about food in North America, what is healthy, organic and non-organic, etc. Mostly bullshit and lies. I have written about this several times, saying this food is good today and bad tomorrow. But there is this one that I experienced myself and it is quite amazing:
I got to the Overrated Company to get some milk for my cereal and got this 1 L., 1%, Dairyland organic and had some. Awful! Because it's 1% and I did not look at the label. That was around Apr. 20th when I bought it. Then left it in the work's refrigerator for a few days and brought it home, then, left it in the fridge here for a few more days until yesterday which was 18 days after expiry date! I had ran out of coffee cream in the morning so I took the jar out, smelled it. Fine! Added it to my coffee and drank it! What the hell was that!? Milk or whitened water!!? I don't know!
(Photo: The disputed milk with the expiry date clearly readable on the side. Does Dairyland have an answer for it?)

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