Sunday, May 27, 2012

Banff's Attractions: Cascade Falls

Everybody who lives in Alberta and everywhere else in Canada knows that Banff is the most popular destination for vacations in this country. I guess it even tops Whistler which I have not been to yet, although I lived closed to it, in Squamish for about a year or so.
For me Banff is not as attractive as everybody else know. I have been to the Hotel, I have seen all the shops and I have taken several photos from every corner of it. This year F. F. wanted to see more we decided to get on the gondola and go on the top of Sulphur Mountain some 1300 m above the sea level. Fortunately we did not have to wait in a line because that is what I hate the most. Rather than that we got a package to see Columbia Ice fields and cruise Lake Minnewanka which saves us a few dollars.
This was my second ride on the gondola and there was lots of changes up there. It was a bit busy at the beginning but then everybody left and we could spend a little quiet time and take a few photos. Lots of information was shared so know I know that the little shelter on the top of Sulphur Mountain actually had been built for the person or persons who did research on Cosmic Rays years ego here in Alberta.
After our ride we had a little lunch and F. F. wanted to go to Cascade Pond but instead I took her to Cascade Falls which was new to both of us. An avalanche quite similar to what we had seen the day before in Lake Louise area had destroyed lots of trees but we went all the way up and took a few photos. There is also a little short runway for small planes right in front of the falls but seems not being used anymore. When we were coming back to the parking lot, we noticed a herd of Whitetail Deers but they saw us and before I set up the camera they went away. Other attempts to take photos from them failed. Our next destination was a hot spring but because it was late we decided to do that later as well as the ice field program and the cruise.
(Photo: Cascade Falls located on Highway No. 1 right where you turn right to go to the overpass which takes you to Banff)

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