Friday, May 25, 2012

The Damn Tea House

F. F. had wanted to see Lake Louise so we saddled our horses and headed for there today after a breakfast outside. Fortunately because of the day, the roads were not very busy but the lake area was. Tourists from Asia and Britain. We decided t go around the partially frozen late get to the Tea House which was supposed to be not so far away from the lake but we failed. We claimed and claimed and pass all the snow covered and recently avalanche-hit paths and eventually decided to turn around. F. F. was really tired but managed to be a good company. It was me actually who said to go back because we reached a point there was actually no way to and it was getting kind of late. Besides I knew that F. F. was tired but just wanted to follow.

We were supposed to reach the Tea House after almost 2.2 KM hiking and that was after a total of 4 KM walk from the lake but I guess we stopped after 1.5 KM or a little more. There was nobody on the path after the way got covered by snow. I guess we walked the last 3 KM just by ourselves. The weather was very nice but F. F. is just not a person trained or experienced in this kind of hiking. For me it was a piece of cake but another problem was that we almost started out trip at 13:05. If we had started a little earlier, I would have been able probably to convince F. F. to go on regardless of tiredness. For me it was my third trip but I had never gone that high.
(Photos:Top one is taken from the path aside the lake with the Cheteau Hotel seen in the end and below one show the sign after 4 KM of hiking. The Tea House is aparantly less than 2.2 KM and I think we went as far as 1.5 KM and there was still no sign of it. Just broken and bent trees from a recent avalanche! This sign amongts with a few more, neches etc are all new from the last time I had been threr, 2004 or 05, I think)

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