Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Good Example of Bullshit P. Eng.

There was this discussion with one of the Supplier's representatives and also a colleague as well, the other day. The topic was that this Supplier had provided 8 almost identical products to us and they all required a type of test. The test according to him (I never checked any Spec.) was performed on 10% of the area which was supposed to be inspected. The gentleman stated that the 8 items were among more than 180 items which have been manufactured for different customers, for example 16 for customer A, 27 for customer B, etc. He provided the qualifications of the inspectors but the test reports are not available!! When I asked why, his explanation was that the 10% was chosen from the 180 and something unit, meaning ours could be amongst the tested one, could not be!! So how the hell am I going to accept it? I have no idea! A test has been performed, not knowing on what and no report is available but there are good qualified inspectors! And the person is a holder of P. Eng. from APEGA!
Then listen to this: I go to this guy who happen to be an expert on that sort of inspection. He says it does not matter on what units those test have been performed. The reports should be available! I was going to ask him if he had lost his mind or not! Why the hell should I care about the report that it is not indicated it  had been performed on the unit that I had paid for!? What kind of usage does this have for me? Am I supposed to say to the end-user that a 10% test has been performed, and most likely randomly and it could have been performed on the unit which is parked down in Florida or the unit which is going to used by him! I have no idea!?! What kind of education and sanity accepts that? Probably the geniuses of APEGA and AWS or similar!

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