Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The Crushing Hit

I was leaving the room, at work, yesterday afternoon to do something exactly at the same time that Y. Z. accompanied with his Project Manager was coming towards me. I did the thing quickly and came back and sat at my desk and realized that he had his jacket on and a thing in his hand and left. I had verbally attacked him the other day and already had a bad feeling about what had happened. I wanted to make up to him. May be even going up to him to say I was sorry because he took it all without saying much.
So today his subordinate called and said he wanted to talk. I asked him what had happened and he said Y. Z. no longer worked for the company. He did not give much detail but later on I learnt that apparently he was in a meeting when he was called in and they asked him to hand them their card, escorted him to his room to take his stuff and took him to the nearest exit!
That came as shock to everyone. Apparently the client was not happy with him so instead of complaining to the Project Manager, they went to the top boss, by a direct telephone conversation. He immediately was removed from the position without any notice and in the middle of the day! He had told me that on different occasions he had arguments with the clients representative(s) and once even wanted to punch the guy in the face! I also noticed, at a time, when the client representative calls, he does not pick up and also tells his subordinate not to answer as well. These are not good signs for someone who has just started a work, especially for someone who deals with the client directly. I also explained to him that in almost all cases whatever the client needs should be provided to him because client is the one has has hired us to do this project for him. But he didn't buy it.
Anyhow today everybody was scared because this is the first time something like this happens to an employee in this company and everyone is worried especially with this evaluation on the horizon.
To be Y. Z. was a very nice person, soft-hearted, generous and positive. I bothered him a lot or may be only pulled his leg too much. Told him many things that he almost believed all of them and my intention was not misleading him, it was just fun to tease him. Today I took some pickled vegetable that I wanted to give to him but he was gone. One interesting memory that I have from his is that he once how I could resist my appetite and only eat salad for my lunch. I told him that it had taken time and if he wanted to do that, he could do that but could be done gradually. One day he brought a small bowl of salad and sounded too frustrated after finishing that. He sounded actually like someone had sex and it was too short and with no orgasm! The day right after that he went back to his regular eating! Every time I told him that the situation was not good and people could be laid off any moment in thousands, he would say that he was not worried and he could get a job quickly and easily because he knew many people in town. I hope he is right.
(Photo: Y. Z. is probably not as strong as this guy whose helmet is coming off but the hit has been crushing to him, no doubt about that)

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