Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dallas at Calgary: A Fun Night

We went to an NHL game for the first time last night. As I earlier posted, It had been such a long time that I wanted to do that and then with the lock out it was postponed for the third time until last night. How it happened is interesting: I went to one of the guys to talk to him about some issue at work and happened to realize that he was talking to someone else about the NHL tickets he had. He wanted to sell them but the guy was not sure if he could go. I asked him to let me know if he didn't want it and he said that he had another pair that he would sell them if I was interested. I said to myself what would be easier than this?! Especially because he was going $20 below the official price. I was not sure if The Lady would like it but when I called her she welcomed the idea.
Anyways we left home at about 06:40 PM because the game was supposed to be started at 07:30 PM. I drove and parked a few blocks away the entrance from BMO Centre and we walked. The place was already packed and for us who had not been there during an NHL game it was interesting. Everyone was there: From a 3-year-old kid to a 70 year old man. We found our seats with the help of security guy and I was not able to do that without his or somebody else's help. Surprisingly and contrary to what we had expected it was not a very bad seat. We were right on the top of Dallas' net so we saw the first 3 scores of Calgary in the first period.
The game as I had seen several times on TV started with the national anthems and then as I said Calgary scored three times in the first period. During the first break people rushed to the washrooms and food stands! There were long lines in front of every eatery and both men and women's washrooms. The second period when Calgary was at our side we got more into the game and the time just flew by. The last period was when that Dallas tried to catch up with Calgary and they had at least 10 more shots on the Flames net. They got as close as 4-6 and then they pulled out their goalie in 01:50 min. to the end but it cost them another score and they eventually lost 4-7. Kiprusoff was not playing due to an injury and at the beginning when the Stars accepted three goal I though they would be an easy win for the Flames because Dallas just had beaten Edmonton 4-1 the night before. So they were tired from the last night's game. Overall it was a lot of fun but I did not expect Dallas to lose with this score. When I checked the overall Western Conference standing I realized that Dallas is at the 8th place and Calgary at 12th! but I guess sometimes you could beat a strong team in your home!
(Photo: I took this photo from where I was sitting and it does not show much but this is one of the Dallas' attacks on Calgary in the second period)

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