Monday, February 18, 2013

In Unity There Is Strength

I was reading this part of the study material for the N. P. P. E. and in the Labour Law chapter, I came across this short story of a Wal-Mart which was going to be unionized and never became!
Apparently what happened was a local union tried to be the Wal-Mart employee's representative and the company immediately announce its closure. This happened in a town in Ontario. While it is against the law for the owner(s) of a business to shut down the operations in case the employees attempt to associate, the company denied any relation between the decsion and the union's representation, claimed poor market and not being profitable! Who believes this bullshit!? I never do! If Wal-Mart does not exist in Canada, a huge population of this country would go hungry and naked! How could a Wal-Mart be not profitable!? These days everywhere you go there is a Wal-Mart, even small towns! These guys sell everything and most of the the cheapest you can get in Canada and many of them the lowest quality. But hey that works for majority of people and they can live their lives. So don't give me this crap that the store was not having a good business!
The strange thing is as soon as the union guys see that happened, they all freaked out and stop their representation at the other locations. The problem with these guys is that they are not working together. What kind of silly union it is that they are afraid of a store closure! Why would you call yourselves a union while there's no unity in between you!? If all of the unions in one province get together and all in one specific day start the process of representation of the Wal-Mart stores all in the province what can the company do!? Close all the stores and go out of business?! There are so much more behind this Wal-Mart story like other big companies but that does not mean that they are untouchable. I have rarely seen any unity between the people of Canada since I moved here. One good example though was the fight with HST in B. C. but I guess they had a good leader. May be lack of leadership is what the unions are suffering the most.

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