Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oscar Is Becoming Ridiculous

I usually do not follow the Oscars especially now that I have no TV but it automatically gets followed because at the time it becomes all the newspapers and Internet web-site's headline. The most stupid thing that caught my eyes this year was selection of the dumb and ridiculous movie named Argo as the best picture! Hollywood is getting further and further from its good days on daily basis. The days that excellent movies such as Alien, Total Recall, JFK, Goodfellas, etc were being made seem so far. Nowadays are the days of stupid time-wasting movies like Argo! What a meaningless joke and Ben Affleck what a phony!
I wrote about the movie shortly after I watched it and that was mainly because I live in Tehran for years. I remember those days vaguely but what I know is what was shown in the movie is miles and miles away from the facts. Besides the movie has no are presented in it. Not a significant role, not a very impressive direction, the story sucks and lacks any excitement and cinematography is something around average as someone is filming using a handy-cam!
So why this film is being given the main award could be sending a renewal message to the Americans and the World that Iran and Iranians did that and they are evil and what we have been saying in the last 30 and more year is correct. We have restrict Iran. We have to confine Iran. We have to condemn Iran and in general we have to do everything negative to Iran!
(Photo: This picture taken shortly after the invasion of the university students shows the American diplomats and employees in the US Embassy in Tehran)


Anonymous said...

I do not think the picture you have shown here helps your argument that why the americans should not think negatively about your home country. Just a thought!

The Tough Guy said...

I am relaxed! Don't worry about me. Canada is my country now. Jealous? Who cares what you think! Ha ha! Go back to your bar and stupid Blackberry or iPhone!