Friday, February 15, 2013

McDonald's Baked Pie

One of the issues here with the food industry is the amount of crap, sorry, chemicals, preservatives, artificial flavours and so on that the producers put in the food. It affects everything from fruit and vegetable to packed snacks and meat or poultry.
May items go passed their expiry date and still do not have much difference. However I noticed something last week that it came as a surprise to me. I was at a McDonald's for a coffee and got myself a baked pie as well. They come 2 for $1.29 but I only got one because I really do not like them. I just wanted to try this new flavor chocolate-raspberry. Anyways I got one and looked at the label on the cartoon: Good until 04:04 PM today! It was really shocked! How could it be good only for the next 3 hours!? Is that preservative and all other harmful stuff-free or what?
(Photo: Hot baked pie is available at McDonald's a pair for $1.29 and it's McDonald's food!)

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