Sunday, February 24, 2013

Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

We had a chance to see Inglewood Bird Sanctuary today shortly before noon. It is a quite place at the far end side of Downtown Calgary. There is no admission but as usual donations are welcomed. It's basically a park like others which at different seasons become the home of different birds. So basically all of the birds that you might see at the other corners of the city, could be seen here as well: Canada Goose, different types of Ducks, Raven, you name it. But there are other types that the Sanctuary claims that could be seen there, depending on the months you are going but we only saw 3 and one of them on different occasions got to close and that was Black-capped Chickadee. The other two were far up and I couldn't tell what they were.
Anyways we will go again when it will all be green to see if we can find any other species. F. F. tried to get one of the tiny beautiful birds on her palm by extending her arm! The little birdy sat on her palm for a second and that I think was because it expected to find food there but there was nothing! I bet if she had something, the bird would stay longer! I tried to get a shot but it happened as I said in a second!
The weather was not bad but as usual the wind was blowing in to our ears. It's a nice place to spend an hour or more specially if you like photography and nature and own a good telephoto lens.
(Photo: The little beautiful Black-capped Chickadee sat on a branch for a sec. and I quickly took this shot)

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