Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Olive Garden

We went to the only location of Olive Garden in Calgary in early Dec. but I'm writing about it today. We had wanted to try this restaurant long time ago but never had the chance until the date especially because we had heard rumors of long waiting. Fortunately when we got there we did not have to wait and was seated immediately and requested to be moved to booth right after that. It is always more convenient for me. F. F. had checked so we knew that there was deal with Salad and soup. So we each order foods as well as the soup and salad. The salad was good and the soup was some sort similar to Chili. I had Eggplant Parmesan and I do not recall what F. F. was having but seems satisfactory. When we asked for the second salad which was part of the deal (I guess unlimited salad and soup or something like that) the waitress did not seem to be very happy about that. I guess people do not order that much salad but she brought it in a few minutes. Most of the waitresses were teenagers, mostly girls and that is obviously because the restaurant wants to save a few bucks on every hour or its employees. The atmosphere was quite alright and it was not as crowded as we expected. There were enough diners that you could call it a good night for the business. Would I want to go there again or not? In my case I would say no because it is far away from my place and the food is not as special as worthy of spending that much time on the road with the possibility of facing a line. One reason that there was not a line possibly could be the cold weather but I do not know.If you are close and not a good cook, you would want to try it at least once or go regularly depending on your budget. Our total cost, if I can remember was something around $35 but that was due to the limited time deal.
(Photo: Olive Garden restaurant in Northeast Calgary where Memorial Dr. ends and you turn left. The intersection could be seen at the left lower corner of the photo with Petro Canada gas station sign visible clearly)

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