Monday, February 18, 2013

Poor Judgement and Insufficient Punishment

There was this in the news again a week or so ago about people of East Indian, more specifically Punjabis, have caused a domestic issue again. The problem was an old man who had beaten his niece with the help of his kids simply because the girl had refused an arranged marriage. This sort of marriage is very popular in countries like India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and so.
The funny part is the way this family, especially the beater was treated by the advanced judgment system of Canada. The judge sentence the old man to 90 days in jail and then being educated in gender equality! This was funnier than many jokes that I had heard when I read it!
How can you educate somebody at age of 60 and over on such a difficult topic as gender equality!? It appears that this old pad is a leader in his community meaning that many people in his family can not even drink a glass of water without his permission, that's what leadership means in a Punjabi community and the judge think he can be educated at this age to forget what had been told to him for decades and generation and generation. The jail part is not actually bad and I believe the guy will dislike every minute of it but will there be any change in him after he is released? I doubt that.
The fact is Canada loves these guys. These are the people who actually run big parts of Canadian economy by performing any job assigned to them with minimum wage. So the judge should be careful not to harm the big companies by making their workers unable to work for a long time!
(Photo: The Punjabi old man after leaving a Calgary court when he was sentenced to 90 days in prison and reeducated in gender equality(!))

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