Saturday, February 09, 2013

The Green Light Fact

I had this course in the university called Transportation Planning or something like that and that was among optional courses. I thought by choosing that course I would get a good mark and help my grand average.  The instructor, I assume a Ph. D. holder if I'm not mistaken had been recently moved from California, without a doubt Los Angeles. The course was basically a combination of facts and then would turn to mostly using tables to do calculations and solve traffic problems.
It sounded interesting and I remember even once we went on the street and did a collection for one of the units of so. And the end regardless of I had thought I ended up screwing the final and passed with the skin of my teeth!
I don't remember what happened clearly but I guess the instructor was supposed to consider one of our practical works or something like that and he didn't. So instead of helping me it dragged me lower in grand average total!
But why this story came to my mind today is because I was jogging last night and on the way back to home I realized that a Black guy just caught up with me and passed. he was thinner, lighter and younger than me and I could not reach him. There were at least three light on our way. He beat them all and continued! While I barely made the first one, had to stop at the second and third ones and he was gone! It reminded me of the fact that the instuctor once explained years ago: If you are driving with a certain speed (he mentioned that but I cannot recall) on a major road with light, you will be able to pass all the green lights, 6 or 7 in a row. of course there is more detail to this but that is all I remember. The Black runner had a steady speed and smoothly passed 3 green lights easily.

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