Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Living in North America gives you this opportunity to try things that you have never come across in your life. We were in a supermarket a few months ago and saw this strange but nice looking vegetable which later learnt is called Fiddlehead. Apparently this vegetable is grown in Atlantic Canada not the province that we have visited but Nova Scotia and also captivated in parts of Asia. We got a handful of them and simply cooked it or better to say steamed cooked it and served it as a side item with chicken breast. The result was satisfactory. It tastes a bit similar to another popular, easily accessible and less expensive vegetable that I have forgotten now because I tasted it early in summer or late spring and it was just a little amount. Price vise it is expensive mainly because of the distance it travels to reach us here in Alberta and also the limited amount and season it is cultivated. I never saw that in the supermarket after that maybe because of its limited customers or limited supply. Worth trying and like every other vegetable it has health benefits but I mostly prefer to have raw vegetable and I'm not sure whether this could be eaten raw. It certainly is not as had as Asparagus that we tried few of them raw on the field. I don't know the origin of this kind of vegetable but know as fact that Asparagus had not been cultivated in Alberta until a certain time. 
(Photo: A handful of cooked Fiddleheads waiting to cool off and added to the main dish)

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