Monday, October 07, 2013

N. L. Road Trip (13): In the Airport

We were not very comfortable in Holiday Inn Express which will be the subject of a separate post. In addition to that having an early flight back to Toronto first and then to the west, made us to rethink of staying at the hotel for the last night. So after we had our dinner in Pinchgut, we filled up the tank in Deer Lake and went to the airport which was only 10 minutes drive. The funny thing was that the stupid G. P. S. recognized the road to the airport as Unknown Road! But I guess it was not solely the fault of the G. P. S. because it communicates with a satellite or other source and that source whatever it is, has the information similar to Google Map and other popular maps on the Internet and Google Map also does not have any name for that road!
Anyways we went to the airport and there was people less than the fingers of one hand in there! It's fairly a small airport so I was not surprised. F. F. had two discrete(!) naps in the vehicle but I could not sleep and waited until the time of departure, made myself busy with the old laptop and walked around the airport, exploring, including checking the tourism booth and picking a few guides and brochures about Labrador.
A flight landed after 2 hours and the airport finally got busy an hour to our departure. I guess it was a good decision to check out one day earlier. It for sure worth not staying another night!
(Photo: Deer Lake Airport only 10 minutes from our hotel at almost 00:40 hours was completely empty. Only 2 security guys from Commissionaires, two passengers, a cleaning guy and us. You can see the clocks showing the time in different parts of the country from west to east. There is a 04:30 hour difference!)

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