Thursday, October 10, 2013


I, probably like many other, had been waiting to see this new movie, Gravity. It was not because of its actor and actress. It was because I like space movies. F. F., very unexpectedly, agreed to accompany me. So I was relaxed! The movie was not what I was expecting. I guess the great emphasis on the Oscar winner stars and excessive commercials has made it very big. It is very real, from a technical point of view, especially because it is in 3D but rather than that and Bullock's performance, the movie doesn't have anything to offer. The story is very cheap(!): Two people are in trouble and they are trying get themselves out of trouble. The one who is experienced and steps forward in providing a novel solution dies! The other one, a woman, with much less experience and training, survives. She even becomes able to navigate Russian and Chinese spacecrafts! The scenario cannot say something more than this and the scenarist lengthen this story for about 01:25 hour, the most possible length, I think because then you are able to see every handrail that Bullock grabs to prevents her from drifting again. 
I truly don't understand what is behind this Sole Survivor story while it could simply be more than one! It was seen in Alien, it was seen in Aliens, it was seen in Prometheus and it probably has been seen in other movies as well! What if the scenario had been set up in a way that Clooney would not have died in a ridiculous way!? Would that have decreased the value of the movie?! 
Rather than that the movie is entertaining although it becomes boring at a few point. Will I go and catch it again, especially in IMAX or on a DVD? Maybe!
(Photo: This is a scene from the movie where one of the astronauts, probably Bullock, is having an accident)

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