Wednesday, October 23, 2013

N. L. Road Trip (18): The Costs

I always wondered why people in Canada visit Toilet Mexico several time during their life while have never left the province of their origin or at the most visit a few neighbouring cities and that will be it. Travels inside Canada barely happens in compare to the number of the time people travel to Toilet Mexico and other shity Central American shitholes. There are several reasons for this, I learnt later on:

1- Travelling to Toilet Mexico is very cheap compare to travelling inside Canada especially with this All Inclusive packages. Most of people don't care about what they are going to eat as they visit fast food garbage places such as Tim Horton's and McDonald's on daily basis so being fed by Mexicans is not a concern for them. Imagine going somewhere that you can not even brush your teeth with the water! Forget about drinking it! But who cares? They buzz up until they can not even stand on their feet when they go there! Who drinks water!? 

2- There are not many places in Canada, even in hot months of summer that people can go and show their tits, legs, buttocks or six abs. Toilet Mexico provides that opportunity for exhibitionists! 

Just giving a hint as how mach was spent on the trip, I present the following:

1- Parking for the car at the airport: $70. 2
2- Dinner at local restaurants: $129.79
3- Snack, grocery items and breakfast: $82.34
4- Gasoline: $195.69 (We had a $100 gift card but a few of the record seems to be missing. We travelled over 2000 km!)
You add the cost of flight, car rental and hotels and you will realise what is one of the reasons why people expose themselves to contaminated water, Hepatitis B, violence by drug dealers and other risks and go to Toilet Mexico, a place so pathetic that you can not even drink a glass of water with ease, instead of different places in Canada!!
(Photo: Terra Nova National Park in Newfoundland and Labrador)

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