Thursday, October 17, 2013

N L. Road Trip (16): Robin's Doughnut

One of the places that we stopped at to get something to eat, and unfortunately there was not more than one location seen during the entire trip, was Robin's Doughnuts. This apparently is another franchise which only seen in the east, from Newfoundland & Labrador to Ontario. At least that is what we though because we had not seen it before. But then when we searched in the store location part of the website we realized that there are even locations in British Columbia that we never noticed when we lived there. We got coffee which was very good compare to many other coffees available in the country, in a way that even F. F. who is not a coffee drinker liked it, and a kind of Brownie in a small bowl which was very delicious but too sweet and we limited that to one. If you by any chance go to NL, don't forget to try this brand. In my opinion much better than Tim Horton's, Second Cup and Starbucks, the ones I don't even touch! 

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