Wednesday, October 02, 2013

N. L. Road Trip (10): Gros Morne National Park - Western Brook Pond

Gros Morne National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is a true title because it is just amazing. Although I've been to different parts of Alberta and British Columbia but they simply cannot  compete with Gros Morne. Unfortunately the weather was mostly cloudy during the two days that we spent our time in there. For that reason I do not have good photos specially from Western Brook Pond which was the main spot I wanted to go to and did not happen! So this is a story of failure:
We went to the park which is almost one hour from Deer Lake and then headed north on NL 430. We parked at the designated lot and walked toward the pond. The trial is a nice one going through bog, facing east. So while walking you are actually looking at two mountains with a deep valley in between them where the pond is. You reach a cafe and short pier and that is where the bout tour starts. Apparently that was the last tour for the day when we arrived but we had no plan for that. We decided to go around the pond from its north side and get close to the mountains and one of the ladies in there showed me how to do that. After maybe only 25 minutes or so we reached where she had warned me about: A deep, fast water with a rope stretched from one bank to the other. I had been by the lady that there was bridges there but they were all washed off by water so it was determined that would not be economical to build another one. If people intend to get to the mountain, they would either have to take the bout or cross the river using the rope or cable. Either one sounded fine to and I was down for the cable but F. F. in no way was ready to do that. Even I would have had clean dry cloths in a backpack and changed them at the other side. In a nice, warm sunny day of summer that would not matter but in that weather it was not a good idea. So we simply took the same trial and went back to the car. 
The rest of the day was spent on driving in the park and stopping at different nice spots for shots. 
(Photo: Taken from the beginning of trial, this picture shows the bog, the mountain and the gap in between them. You can see how much clouds are accumulated. Again here we saw no wildlife but a Moose footprint!)

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