Monday, October 21, 2013

The Pants

I bought a pair of pants from one of the Hacoupian's retailers more than, at least, 14 years ago and wore it probably not more than 5 or 6 times after purchased and then stored it in the wardrobe. A few months ago I tried it on and didn't fit! I had a major issue in the waist area, originated bu love handles! Then I tried it again last Fri. to see how it looks due to my, kind of torn pants and it worked! I means my diet has been working and I have to keep up with that. I have started a low carbohydrate diet which mean no White Rice at all (unless it is whole grain and happily you can not get it here, I hope!), less Bread and only Whole Wheat and very rarely, no Pasta and no Potato and less Cake and Biscuit of any kind. I still have a long journey to completely get rid of ring of fat around my waste but I'm getting better week after another. 
(Photo: Beans are good replacements for rice, bread and even meat but it's hard to make them tasty. East Indian food contains lots of different beans but they destroy it by adding lots of butter and other types of animal fat. As well beans have benefits if consumed raw and in sprout shape. Baked beans has low nutritional values and canned beans have disadvantages. I never touch them but you see different types of them here in the supermarkets mixed with meats, broth and sauce. I don't know how popular they are)

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