Tuesday, October 01, 2013

N. L. Road trip (9): Deer Lake and the Surrondings

Deer Lake became our base until the time that we left the province. We barely stopped on our way to Deer Lake unless a few short times. There is not much in between. The only place we liked a bit was Lewisporte and that is a small town on NL 340 before reaching Highway No. 1, or as it is said in N. L., Route 1, but we did not spend much time in there. There is a small Train Park where a Plow Train is displayed. You can stop and have a look. As well the town has all the required services. We could have taken NL 360 and go to Bay Du Nord Wilderness Reserve but somehow missed or forgot it. I guess what had happened the night before kind of prevented us from going there. F. F. was very specific that we should not have to drive in the dark in unknown and scary roads especially if there is the risk of hitting a Moose. So our other stop before getting to Deer Lake was the Western Petroleum #14 at Hampden. We grabbed a Blueberry Pie for $5 which tasted very good and fresh. The store which is a family business offers all sorts of foods and items but if you like a good pie with reasonable price, don't miss this one out.
I guess it was sometime around 19:00 or a bit after that we reached the town and just by taking the first exit and driving for 5 minutes found us at Holiday Inn Express where we had a reservation. We moved our stuff in and then went out to get something to eat. Fortunately the hotel staff had a some sort of local map which showed all the available services and considering Deer Lake is a small town they were all located at the other side of the Highway at almost 10 minutes drive.
I don't think Deer Lake itself had much to offer but restaurants, mostly fast foods and hotels and other services. The only place that we actually saw in Deer Lake was the actual Deer Lake which was very nice at sunset, as can be seen in the photo, but not really clean. The beach had soft, light brown nice sand but whether it is used for swimming and other water sports, I have no idea. We did not see anything but trash on the beach maybe because it was late both in the day and season.
(Photo: Deer Lake form its north beach when sun was going down)

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