Friday, October 04, 2013

N. L. Road Trip (12): Southwestern Part, The Unfinished.

I wanted to spend more time in Gros Morne but F. F. said we had to see other places. She was fed up with that, she said! So we headed southwestern part of the island. This country is so vast that you have to drive for hours to reach your destination. The other thing is most of the road in this part, from Deer Lake to Corner Brook and after looked like B. C. roads. In fact if you took photographs and show it to people, they would not be able to tell the difference. We first went to Stephenville but we wanted just to get gas because our destination was Burgeo. We had been told that there is a very big chance we see Moose on NL 480 so we decided to go. We said we would kill two birds with the stone: We see Moose and then will see the ocean and the park. NL 480 is one of two very quiet roads but what we were not quite aware of was the fact that many hunters had been camped there and were out with their guns! We of course didn't see a moose but saw lots of hunters with full gear, even a group on chopper. I knew that helicopter tours are offered with extravagant cost for the wealthy who would want to hunt Moose and Caribou.
In on instance we parked and we decided to go to the bushes and bog with the hope to see something. There was a motor-home parked there and a couple just got off there vehicle when we were to start walking. F. F. went to a lady and asked her about the surrounding and told her about our intention. This was after probably more than 2 hours drive! She was told we would better stay away if we do not have safety vests on because there is a chance to get shot at! Hunter shot at any moving object from distance and they don't care if there is a person or not! So we went back to the vehicle! It was late and we thought if we go to Burgeo, it would be very late that we reach Deer Lake again so we turned back.
For dinner we stopped at the same convenience store/restaurant where we had already asked for direction. Pinchgut Restaurant just 20 km west of Corner Brook was were we stopped. A very nice and clean place with good food. People were surprised to see us but the lady who was running there and the others were very helpful and friendly. We had two Fish & Chips meal there which cost us only $20 and it was delicious and filling. It is recommended if you ever go that direction.It was almost 19:50 when we finished our dinner and stepped out. Highway No. 1 was under contraction in the morning so I had to slow down and be very careful on the way back to Corner Brook and Deer Lake
(Photo: This model is erected in Stephenville. Apparently there was an American air base in there and a few accidents involved. I am not aware of the whole story but will find out and post)

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