Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Olympic Plaza

Olympic Plaza in Downtown Calgary was one of the first attractive places that I noticed them in Canada probably because close to the LRT rail and everyone easily sees it because you travel to Downtown a lot when you first come to any city in Canada for different business purposes. But it took me more than 10 years to be able to actually use it for its main purpose: Ice Skating! 
We decided to have regular skating practice between the sessions that we attend the U of C course so yesterday and also last Sun. we practiced in Olympic Plaza. There used to be even a train station by that name but the developments in the Downtown area have made many changes which eventually led to removal of the platform. 
The ice in Olympic Plaza is rough and cannot be even compared with the U of C's which has World standards and sometimes it get busy but it was quite fine in the past two days we were there. The Lady complaint about the texture of the ice and she's right. We will feel the difference and probably have difficulty when we go back to Olympic Oval but still it is OK and also fun to go. I wonder how often Zamboni set the ice but seems like it's not done very often. After all it's a free skating rink but still it is expected from the municipality to do something about it. We will try the other rinks in and around the city and I will write about them.
(Photo: Also it's not a picture but Olympic Plaza, the central library (on left) and the old municipality building can be see here)

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