Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Comeback

I was driving in the city a few days ago. It was dry and warm. I was going home. At a moment I looked into the mirror and I saw an old black Ford Mustang. The way it was being driven and scenes of movie Death Sentence immediately caused me to believe that it was probably crooks who were in the vehicle. So I'm driving and these guys are behind me and unusually close but not doing anything stupid. I turn my signal on and stop for traffic to go so I can make a left turn. These guys are stopped as well but apparently they intended to go straight. For a second I get a chance to turn as there is no upcoming traffic but I lose the engine! It goes off! The guy behind me honks his horn and I quickly turn the key and pull it out and jump out of the vehicle! I walk toward them while shouting What the Fuck is your problem!? At the same time I hear one of them is saying get out guys! get out! Encouraging them to come out and face me. The driver was a young Caucasian - of course - fella in his late 20s, late 30s. I didn't see the guy beside him but the one in the back - who jumped out and yelled back was in his late 40s, early 50s, I would say. Just by looking at him, having a glance you could easily say that he probably has had some history with law. I really don't remember what he was yelling back or maybe I didn't even hear that at the time because we were both yelling loudly but I heard that say: Go back to your country! This is line I believe there's hardly any comeback for it! He said that with a bit of profanity and then his buddies called him back. I went in and he return to theirs. I started the engine and turned left while I was looking in the mirror to be certain I was not being followed! On the way back I recalled that episode of Seinfeld where Gorge is teased by one of his colleagues in a meeting and everyone laughs at him. He gets really upset and think what he should have said and eventually thinks of something but his friends don't like it. He's know upset with them and the rest of the story! 
Of course there was no laughing here but I think, as I said, there's really no comeback for Go back to your country! How about: What are you going' to do then? Or I'm goin' to take you with me, asshole! Or This is my country now you fucking idiot! But I didn't say any of those. I think I said something like You fucking redneck or similar did that or other nonsense. I really don't remember what I said because I just was being careful that if the guys attack make the emergency call. I should have not gotten out of the vehicle in the first place and made that scene but I really had a very bad day that day and was looking for something to get myself released. That little hunk of horn ticked me off and you know the rest. In the old country that would definitely ended up with a fight and traffic jam and maybe eventually police but I don't think there's anybody that stupid who make a big deal out of this and attacks other in bright daylight in Downtown because the police could be on the scene in less than 5 minutes! I never wanted to have a fist fight or anything. I just wanted to scare them a bit and as I said vent off! Nevertheless it was wrong and I should avoid that kind of behaviour. That was not the first time but I will try to make it the last time. 
(Photo: Jason Alexander as George Costanza in Seinfeld season 8 episode 13, the comeback. A colleague makes fun of the way he eats shrimp and he then tries to find a good line to smoke the guy!)

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