Saturday, January 04, 2014

Winter Limitations

Unless you're a drinker who likes to hang out in the bars or a coffee maniac who loves to spend hours in a cafe, a shopaholic who goes to a mall at 11:00 AM and comes out, with many bags as 06:00 PM, or a wealthy person who doesn't mind spending on winter sport equipment, there is not much you can do in the long winter of here, which every year is about 8 months, at least. I'm none of the above but like to be active. The past two bad experiences in hiking made me think yesterday morning that I should not try it again especially with the recent heavy snowfalls. In addition to that if you really want to gear up, your cost for a simple hike or walk in winter would not be less than $300, I believe. Nevertheless it seems that doesn't bother many here. I went to MEC the other day to check on a few items and the line was so long that I made that as an excuse to buy something. I checked Snowshoes, Gaiters, Hiking Poles and other similar stuff and then walk out empty handed.
Then in the afternoon I said: I'm tired of Bow River, Elbow River, Glenmore and other surrounding paths and parks; Let's go to Nosehill. I went there and lucky me I had brought everything from Gloves, Tuque and Earmuff so I was able to walk for about an hour and 15 minutes, maybe. Jogging would not have been very pleasant. I had wanted to hike Moose Mountain in the morning but the same reason that I presented above, prevented me from going. After walking I said gain to myself: If I want to survive through the damn winter I will have to buy some stuff, at least a pair of Gaiters. Moose Mountain, according to what I have read, is the fire look out for part of Kananaskis. So there should be trails or roads available and open in winter. It's a very popular hike in summer and that's why I want to do that in winter to avoid the crowds or wimps! After thinking enough I eventually decided to limit myself only to a pair of Gaiter and forget about Snowshoe, Hiking Poles and Ice Ax. Hopefully I can sucessfully finish a hike next weekend. 
(Photo: Looks like this picture is taken in a Prairies in a cold morning of winter but this in fact is Nosehill Environmental Park in the afternoon of a chilly winter. You can see Cross Country tracks)

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