Thursday, January 09, 2014

Vantage Pointe

We were shown a unit in Vantage Pointe the other day. Vantage Pointe and the entire Co-oP property including its parking lot and Liquor Store didn't even exist when I first came to Calgary. That was the third time we intended to rent a place in that building. We decided not to and this time I told myself that I should writing about this.
The building is nice and of course the unit we wanted would have been quite. I do not think there would have been any noise from the street but the plans are so stupid!
It is a small unit probably around 700 ft² and the made it 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom! Who the hell needs 2 bathrooms in a small apartment?! The second bedroom is really ridiculous. You probably can fit a single bed and a drawer and that would be it. The kitchen is so freaking small which it would be good for dickheads who just stick something into the microwave to thaw or heat up and then get it down! Even the stacked-up washer and dryer is in the kitchen. If it was in the bathroom or adjacent to it you could wash the cloths while eating in the little dining room, having a get together in the living room or watching television but in this case you have the sound of washer or dryer added o it. 
I had seen the similar plan in another apartment earlier. in fact the exact same plan maybe a bit bigger. K. M.'s apartment in 28th Ave. is quite similar. The unique stupidity of his is that his unit is at a corner so he gets no view of nowhere. He barely sees even the streets! There is not even a good spot for your TV unless you hang it on the wall but even that would make you watch it from a very close distance. K. M. had put it on the fireplace that last time I was there, I guess! 
Anyways there would be no way for me to waste my money either on buying or renting such a place. I know many people do. It just worth not that much but at the same time I know it's tough to get a descent place in Calgary nowadays if you're renting. Buying is a whole different story. You will have to deal with so much other shit such as mortgage and loan approval, damn interest rate, property tax, insurance and so on. Beside who knows what the hell will happen the next few years. Most importantly who the hell wants to spend the rest of his life in freezer Calgary!? I'm getting really board now. I have to make a move in 2014 or I might be forced to do so. I've already have a plan. I must think of a plan b for that!
(Photo: Vantage Pointe building in Downtown Calgary from Co-op parking lot at its west side) 

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