Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Poor, Silly but Nice Fellow

I met M. P. after almost a year and a half, last night. I had been ignoring him for a few months but then I thought I should have gotten back to him. I was simply bored and needed someone to hang out with. He showed up at the location, late, as usual in an old, used Honda Civic that he said he had purchased for around $5000 but wanted to sell because he simply assumes it was too much for him!
We sat and I realized after a few minutes of talk that he was collecting E. I.! Not that made me very surprised but I expected him to have a position. He's young and fresh. Then he said something that made me really shocked and brought tears into my eyes. His Dad had passed away. I remember the time that I was on the phone with him and I don't recall whether it was me who called or him had called but he said that he had to leave the town but didn't tell me what for. I met his Dad once and talked to on the phone maybe once or twice. Very nice gentleman. I helped him with the gardening once years ago. It would have been 2006; something M. P. said that he never liked to help his Dad with. 
Nevertheless he was the same cool and calm guy I always knew. He said he had been living in Canada for almost 14 years, a few years more than me. I don't believe he has matured much during all these years. When I first met him and that was 2002, I saw a young guy, full of life and energy and someone who still needed to grow. He was the exact same guy even after 12 years! Acting the same childish manner, laughing hysterically and saying silly things that you don't expect from someone at his age. But he is a very nice fellow. No lying, no deceiving, at least to his buddies and no cheating. He will probably never grow but I guess he's happy the way he is but he is not blind to what has happened to his life. Mine is quite similar to him in some manners. I lost my Dad when I was only 18 and was about to start my Engineering. Had I have my father besides me all these past year, I would not have been in such a mess I'm now. I most probably would have not made some of bad mistakes I made in my life that have kept me so far back. He had his father all these years with him and this is where he is now. Had he not have his supporting family, he would have probably been on the street or maybe dead by now! But you could see that from a different angle: Perhaps if he had not received this much support, especially financially from his family, he would have been matured by now.

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