Monday, January 20, 2014

Stamp Collecting

I went to a local post office to send a couple of letters last week and came across these nice stamps. Canada's stamps are most of the time very nice. I used to collect stamps for awhile and that was probably more than 20 years ago! But over the old country it was mostly the used stamps. Local stamps barely came in nice pictures, the foreigners were mostly used but I liked them. The albums must still be somewhere in my parent's house, more specifically in the storage room among many other personal belongings, books, video tapes, magazines, etc. The Little Mouse (barely the translation of a good friend's nickname!) was a big contributor to my collection. Mrs. Bank was so. She now resides in Orange Country but I have lost her phone number. I hope she or a relative of her reads this and get us connected again. Great lady. I should go back and get all of my stuff from there one day again, if they are not so perished that deserve to be thrown out.
(Photo: There are sets of NHL stamps but Canada Post for all 7 Canadian teams. This one is not a good scan but the real stamps are pretty nice. I might get another set for another team) 

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