Friday, January 17, 2014

One Tough Sport

I and The Lady went for skating to U of C yesterday. The very same place I had a course 2 years ago. It was fun. Everything came back to me quickly but I, as repeated over and over, need lots of practice. It's about all of the sports but this one is tougher. The problem with this, that I have not experienced with any other is your foot is under constant pressure. You have tie your skates really tight and that is what causes the pain. Falling has not been a problem for me but she fell once and injured her hand a bit. Nothing serious though. She liked the entire practice. I did too. I'm just hoping that I get chances to practice. As I regularly exercise I didn't think this first practice makes me tired or my muscles sore but it did and I was sweating like a pig but was not a big deal. I just have to change my pants to something more comfortable and get enough practice.
(Photo: People seem to be enjoying themselves on the ice in Prince's Island Lagoon in a sunny day of winter. I have skated here and I have to say it's not very good but better than going all the way to U of C and paying if you just want to enjoy and practice. The damn municipality has not opened it this year, blaming the June flood!! I took this picture in early 2011)

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