Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Shopping after the Holidays

We went to a Canadian Retarded Store at about 06:30 PM yesterday and it was like a cemetery! Obviously most of the people have spent so much that it will take up to June to some of them to pay that shit off! Some live in debt continuously! I did that too for a while! I have to admit that was stupid! I could have paid the damn statement off and put an end to it. Instead I paid a bit every month. I don't even know how and when I paid that off as it was 2005-2006. That credit card does not even exit. At least I don't have it. It was a Citibank credit card and that was a first credit card that I received apart from my own bank and its story will come later but I had it from 2003 to 2011. In that year they transferred the account to CIBC and I cancelled it shortly after I received it. It was being funny at the time of usage. I just got rid of it after a few months.
Speaking of constant debtor reminded me of this guy at work who is not a bad guy but is slow. He purchased a luxury just before Christmas and now he's debt has come to the good level that consists of bank loan for the residence, car loan, student and probably credit card loan(s)! I'm going to call him the Debtor here, just like the other two colleague of mine whom I have talked about them earlier, the Mumbling Guy and the Screamer. I might have stories about him later because he's just not stupid and Debtor (or maybe the Deadbeat!) but a fucking lair and I will tell that into his face the first chance I get. Just like the way I said something unpleasant to an asshole the 2nd day of the year when some had gone back to work. That could be another post but first I have to find a nickname for this asshole and simply calling him an asshole would not be OK. I need something special. The other thing I may do soon is taping this fucking lairs because there's not one or two of them. That would be awesome taping these assholes and they playing that later in front of their colleagues. That will be really embarrassing and lots of fun. I have to figure out what type of taping device is available to me and how I should use it. Then there will be nice posts, maybe even with clips! 
Anyway I went off the road. We entered the damn store and it was dead. Only a few guys. The clerks were playing with their balls or pretending they were busy. The females, I can't tell what they were doing. Would be too inappropriate! We wanted to get a pair of Skates and of course the accessories such as Helmet and there was nobody in sport section but 1 of 2 at the most and the bastard kept ignoring us. Finally I gave him a good piece of my mouth and he behaved a bit but just being an easy store with not many customers made us able to find what we wanted. At least this is what we think at the moment. The Lady should try them on and practice to see how she feels but it was so easy to find what you need. It would be much better if those lazy bastards helped us but didn't happen but I guess that's how they work, maybe. When it's very busy they pretend they're helping the others and when it's not very busy they are not just simply available! This actually came to me as a surprise because normally people are helpful if they're not surrounded by many customers but I don't know about these ones! It's fine now. It was important to me to have an easy shopping and I got that. For the same reason I like to do all of my shopping during the week unless it is absolutely necessary. 

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