Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Bad Day: 24-Aug-2015

I consider yesterday Mon. 24-Aug-2015 a very bad day. I didn't get laid off in that day! I didn't have a serious accident in that day or I didn't have a major loss in the day but it was a bad day because:

1- I had planned for over 2 weeks or so to go up The Wedge in Kananaskis and reach the summit. Well it didn't happen! I got one more hour up and I headed back down! The weather was terrible and I hated myself not being able to do that. More detail in the next post.

2- The price of crude went below $40 and got to $38.24 per barrel. They say it go down deeper. Who knows what is going to happen in 2016 but many believe that it will be a catastrophic year, particularly for Albertans
Took this photo around 19:15 on Bow Valley Trail. Sun is easily visible without any protection for eyes
3- On the way back from my failed attempt to The Wedge I heard on the radio about a fatal crash near Morley. I got myself to Highway No. 1 and that was it. the traffic was backed up so heavily that you would see lines of vehicles as far as your eyes could go! I heard on the radio that a semi-truck had hit a mini-van head on! Apparently it flew over the median and hit the oncoming traffic. An old lady were killed on the way to a hospital and 6 others including childeren and semi's driver and passenger were sent to a hospital. We kept going forward at the speed of 10 Km/h until we reached Morley overpass and then we were directed to Highway 1A and from there we passed Ghost Lake and reached Town of Cochrane. This is a short of maybe 50 Km or so and we did it in 03:30 hours or maybe more! I completely went crazy! By the time I got home I guess it was 21:35 or something! 

4- Wildfires in northwestern US, states of Washington, Idaho and Montana have created a large amount of smoke and then have traveled to southern Alberta. It's as bad as Beijing, Mumbai, Tehran or Ahvaz here now. It's said that the condition remains as is fr the next few days! 
(Photo: Eastbound Trans-Canada Highway after Highway 40 is seen completely gone to a halt after a crash on the side)

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