Monday, August 31, 2015

More on the Fruits

With the damn weather still smoky and even not breathable and irritating for many, we decided to have another trip to Red Lodge U-Pick this past weekend. It was also because we had not picked enough due to shortage of cash. This time the owner, Gary, an old gentleman in his late 60's I would say was there and greeted us warmly. We told him that we already had been there. This time he directed us to the last rows which the branches of the trees were bowing because of the number of the Sour Cherries they each had! I followed the In-process Inspection procedure(!) and checked each and every piece I picked and reduced the waste very close to zero. 
The weather was better than Calgary area. Less smoke and a little breeze. We also picked Raspberries. They're much harder to pick. The bushes or shrubs, whatever is correct is shorter; so you have to kneel and approach the pieces from below. The good thing about Raspberry is if it's been ripened, you can have it in your bucket but only touching it! This has it's bad side too. Ripen Raspberries fall on the ground. If you reach them shortly after they fall and before bugs get to them and they absorb dirt, you cab simply pick them up. 
The Lady is transferring Raspberries to a rectangular shape pallet. We filled two pallets like this with Raspberries. They are given free of charge by the owner but they are just good for taking the fruit home. After reaching home, you would need to use them without much delay otherwise they are get socked to the carton. 
During the 4 hours (or more) that we spent there, we picked worth of more than $140 Sour Cherries and Raspberries. There were other people as well but obviously no one stayed and picked as much as we did. Gary at the end directed us to the back of a barn where Apple threes were. Unfortunately there were mostly damaged by birds and hail maybe. He asked us to pick a bucket for free. Last week I asked myself whether we would go back or not and we did! I might even go next week! I know this is crazy but there are plenty more fruit available to pick and they are awesome!
(Photo: The branches are full of Sour Cheery and they are so beautiful)

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