Saturday, August 08, 2015

The Ugly & Fool

There was this idiot piece of shit that I went to Edmonton with once. We were sent there by the company to do a shit job. I didn't mind it. Was go to be away from the damn office for a day even when I had to drive for 300 Km! Then a year after that, yes after a whole year, we hit it off and we decided to go on a few short hiking trips. 
I enjoyed them all because he was being nice and helpful. I even said to him that I would like to go with him because I felt comfortable during the hike, beside him. I don't know what that meant to him. He finally quit the company and left last Dec. He said he would stay in touch so I told him to let me know when he's here so we could go for a few hike. The asshole was here without letting me know. Instead he hung out with other buddy of me whom he always kept our comings and goings a secret! I really didn't understand why he did that but he did it! The other guy was surprised too. The only thing I can think of is that he was offended with a few jokes I had made or something similar. I understand we are from completely different background but I don't think I said something that was offensive. The fact is the guy had been suffering from partial poverty for years. Never had a job paying him very well and the only reason he was working for the company was that his girlfriend had referred him. The girlfriend being a mid-level manager/supervisor of one of our client's, had bumped to him on one of her vacations somewhere in Central America, in one of two countries which has nothing but a few beaches and few palm trees and they had hit it off! The girl helped him to get out of the shit he was in and after that he felt that he owed her a lot. That was the main reason he left and followed the girl without even doing any job search! The girl is ugly and probably years older than him. No one would become her boyfriend if this fool had not been found! The ugly and fool became a good match and you know what is good about it? The name is interchangeable! Either one could be ugly or fool. The girl, although considered to be smart, because she was a mid-level manager/supervisor in a major energy company in the country, was not smart enough not to turn a very good job offer in a foreign country. She indicated that his boyfriend would be out of work for the whole period! What would he do, the poor guy?, she asked! What the fuck is he doing now? It has been 7 months and he's still out of work in the country of his origin! Wouldn't it better, if he was out of work and in a foreign country?! At least he could see places that people can only dream in their life. I guess some people are just born coward and pathetic. You can't change them! The Lady thinks I've given this little issue too much thought! Maybe she's right. I shouldn't give a shit to a pathetic loser who has no perspective in life and no respective for others. The hell with him! After all that could be part of their culture! The last thing I would like to say about this idiot is that he was so concerned about himself and he couldn't stand other enjoy or have something. He thought he was the best and others are nothing. A few times I told him about the plans I had or things I wanted to purchase (for example and camera lens) he mentioned that it would be expensive or asked, as a rhetorical question why I would need it! Every time I told him that was here or there. He would listen in silence and then he would talk about his trips in full excitement! I could easily sense that he was being eating from inside by jealousy! What a scumbag! I hope he remains out of work for a very long painful time!

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