Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Network Addiction

One of the problems that today's society is facing with, and it's not limited to North America, I even noticed that back in the old country when I visited there last year, maybe not to the same level as here, is network addiction. People barely get their electronic devices, mostly cellular phones, away from themselves. It's a part of their body now! I had cellular phone from 1999 to 2014! I cancelled my service last Sep. which sounded odd to many. Some didn't even believed me. thinking I intentionally hide my number from them! Even when I had the cellphone, I never had the luxury that majority people use on daily basis: Caller ID, Voicemail, Texting, etc. It was a basic service. Though I decided to get rid of it for the reasons I have explained a few of them. 
This is one side of the problem. The other side is the idiots who barely make the end's meet and want always have the most updated handset and service! My last handset, which I still have it and used it as a phone book cost $65 only(!) and my plan was as low as $25 a month. Today people buy $300 and up handsets and pay over $70 a month just to keep up with stupidity! 
I once read a short article which indicated about neck problem which has increased significantly recently due to the increased amount of cellphone usage. Good for chiropractors and other specialists in the filed! But who really listens. It has been years that it is said that Soda is not good for you. Does anyone ever cares?! No! 
(Photo: A Nasty-Mart [official name: Wal-Mart] employee with hourly wage of $10 to $11 is playing with her phone while leaving her shift! A fool and her money are soon parted!)

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