Friday, August 21, 2015

Evaluation without Evolution!

We have had this really ridiculous performance review once a year for the past 4 years. Mine has been steady the same, let's say B, if we have 4 groups with A being the best. This years it took me 01:15 and mostly agreed with whatever nonsense the sup. said just because I wanted to get over with it because I hardly think it affects anything, most importantly the salary. I've been on a sort of ban for over 6 months or more, simply because I disagreed with a bullshit the sup. and other said. For that reason I didn't expect a B this year but he said he was happy with my performance generally. 
I had mentioned that I'd be taking a course in 2016 and he asked me whether that was mandatory or not?! I said it was, sort of, with the hope that I can get his approval to be paid for that next year. I haven't really studied well for that yet. I have to order a few (to be exact two for the beginning) books to come from the States. Due to the cost of shipping I wanted them to be shipped to my buddy's place down in California and I even got his address but then realized I would not be going although I've had in my plan to go visit him since 2008!
Returning to the main subject he kind of reminded me that I should be avoiding confrontations and asked me if I had any problem with anyone. I was honest and told him about this fucking Hispanic moron that I had an argument with. He silently listened and said nothing.
That was it and all I can get out of that is:

1- He's not too unhappy with me. He even is happy, I would say as that is what he said.
2- There's a fair chance that I can get that course and even get paid for that.
3- There's a fair chance that I might get out of the office for visits.

No other significant thing. One funny thing is I asked him whether he knows anything about the upcoming projects and he said he was not allowed to say anything about that! What a stupid phony! I already know that a project has come and its team is arranged! The meeting reports are out and you can simply read them in the system. I even found one in the recycle bin! He's stupid and pretentious, wants to say that there are things in the organization happening that he's aware of and I'm not! Damn yes there are but not this one! There's nothing about a new project to be hidden! I'm just hopping I can go through and reach myself to the end of 2015 because 2016 might not be much easier! 

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