Thursday, August 13, 2015

Returning to the Ice

This past afternoon we finished our 4th session of Skating in Olympic Oval. It is good to have the chance of practicing and exercising in a cool place where the outside temperature is above 30 degrees C. It is a small group with the majority of the people a little above beginner. This class is held twice a week which is not bad. Our instructor is a little off but overall she's OK. 
The tight skates does not bother me as much as they used to do in level 1 or 2 and I don't get tired as much as when we practice in Crowchild Twin Arenas but that is basically because we stop at times and just listen to her! 45 minutes is nothing, especially if you do not have much movement for probably half of the time. 
(Photo; People practicing speed skating in Olympic Oval in U of C)

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