Friday, August 14, 2015

Contract Work and Death Row

Capital Punishment was removed from Canadian Criminal Code in 1976. I don't know if Death Row ever existed in the code or not but it does in the States where execution still takes place in the country. Just a few months ago I heard on the radio that Firing Squad might replace Fatal Injection, I guess, it was in Utah! The reason being the poison is very costly and ineffective at times! The concept of Death Row is very disturbing. According to what I've read, a person could be on Death Row for years, waiting for execution on the day it has been determined. I guess other countries have that as well, may be the UK, or maybe I'm wrong.
In comparison Contract Work which is very common in West and then the fucking bastards of the old country learned from them, is quite similar to Death Row! You have a contract for a certain time to do something while you do most likely you'd be kicked out after that. What intensive would you have to focus on your job and do it the best way possible, if you knew, you'd be out at the end?! I had the similar situation with the company that I work for now. When I passed the interview, I received an e-mail asking me to sign a 12-month or so contract. I refused, although I didn't have a good job at the time, and told them that I had been told that my contract would be for 18 months! The guy surprisingly accepted and I sign the damn thing. At the time I didn't care how long it was. I just wanted to get myself out of the shit I was in, not knowing that the new shit is even nastier! Anyways shortly after I joined an employee quit. They hired another person. And he hired an aid. Now it was obvious for me that I would be out as soon as my job was finished. The first person quit and they hired one to replace him. This idiot, whom his story has been told, got kicked out and the aid got promoted to his position and I became the aid! It was all out of luck, otherwise who knows what I would be now! 
Even now I don't have ease of mind, with all the economy messed up and everything but at least I know if I'm kicked out I can take a 4.5 to 5 years experience in my resume as well as a little money that the company is supposed to give m, if I ever get laid off. 
(Photo: I first came to know about this fella Albertan from Red Deer, Ronald Allen Smith, a few years ago when I was listening to a radio show. He has been on Death Row in Montana for over 2 decades now. He is charged with different crimes including murdering two people. I might tell his story later)

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