Thursday, August 27, 2015

Once a Peasant, Always a Peasant

I've taken this idiot with me to hiking two times so far and the only regret I have is not reaching the summit in the second which was actually my own fault although I kept him waiting for almost 2 hours! I made sure I had selected the furthest possible spot for hiking because he was the one who brought his car! I know this guy was from a village and although he has a Master's he still is a moron from a village with the slightest clue about his surroundings! Here are a few great moments with this genius:

1- We were walking up Mount. Coulthard trail where at spots shrubs of Wild Raspberry is grown. I started picking them up and eating tehm. They are so good. This freaking idiot goes: People were probably walking here and threw out Raspberries and their seeds got in to the soil and now these are grown here! 

2- We went further up until we reached the DC-3 Dakota Airplane Crash Site where a small beautiful waterfall exist. He asked me: Where does this water come from?! I explained to him that snow in higher elevations melts in summer and cascades down in the form of a waterfall! He didn't even know that.
I took this picture from the dash while driving back from Crowsnest Pass driving the guy's SUV. The fuel gauge had not moved much since we left home early that morning! 
This hammerhead bought an old SUV for some $8000 almost 3 years ago. This year, a little earlier he decided to sell it so he put it on the market for $7300!! The poor bastard doesn't know that if he can sell this garbage for $3000, he shall consider himself a very lucky one! But hey this what we say: Once a freaking Peasant, always a freaking Peasant. He was born stupid and he probably has never read any book or newspaper in his life. What do I care? I just use him as my chauffeur! 
(Photo, top: Parts of the trail to the DC-3 Dakota plane crash site and Mount. Coulthard is decorated by wild raspberry shrubs, which was referred to by this idiot in one of his great quotas mentioned above!)

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