Wednesday, March 30, 2016

David's Point

In a scene of movie Prometheus which is a prequel to Alien of Ridley Scott, David, the robot, played by the German actor Micheal Fassbender, asks the scientist Charlie, played by the not very well known actor Logan Marshall-Green, what he had hoped to achieve by coming all the way to the outer space. He answers that they wanted to find their makers. Then David asks: Why did you make me? Or a question with the same point. Charlie simply replies: We did because we could! David turns back and says: Can you imagine how disappointing that would, if you heard the same from your maker?! Charlie goes: I guess you cannot be disappointed and it's good! Or something like that because I don't know all of the conversation in the movie by heart. This is what many religious people have answered me when I asked them why their so-called god has created us. They normally say something like that, the same thing that Charlie said or a similar nonsense: He created us because he was able to!!! He created us because he loves to see how people would interact with others!!! He wants to grant and punish his creation based on their acts!!! This last one is really stupid! 
The funny thing is they always refer to their god by HE. I have no idea why their god is not female! Isn't that sexist!? 
David's point is a good one. When you argue with the people who believe in god and then you ask them why it created us and they give you those cliche answers, I don't feel that much disappointed, I feel bad for the brainwashed who believe in something called god! I heard this once and I repeat it here because I like it very much, I guess Cyrus my ex-friend said that once: God did not create us. We created god! 
(Photo: Michael Fassbender as David in a scene of Prometheus. This is before he has that conversation with Charlie, I guess. What happens, in case you haven't watched the movie, is when they got in the chamber, he picks one of the vases and puts it in his sack without others knowing it because Shaw forbade that. He later, in the spaceship, opens it up and get's a drop of the liquid he finds, in Charlie's drink while having the above conversation with him. The result is really ugly. You should see the movie for that!)    

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