Monday, July 04, 2016

A Good Bike Ride Around the City

The Hope is a moody and disorganized person. Not in appearance though! He's neat and well-dressed but when it comes to our common activities which is getting together for a coffee, hiking or this past one, cycling, he's always late or changes the plan in the last minute. That's what I hate the most but at the moment there's no one else to go hiking with. So I have to stick to this one! My guess is he's become this person because of all the jet lags that he has suffered in the past 10 to 15 years! I'm not joking! Sleep deprivation has serious affects on brain. It makes people impatient, nervous, you name it. I know he has sleeping problem. Just don't know how sever it is.
Having that said we planned for this 60 Km cycling in the city through its pathway system today and he was supposed to meet me at Peace Bridge at about 12:20. I'm there at the time and he's not. I called him at 12:21(!) and he says that he's on his way! In the meantime I detected a problem with the rear gear. It get changed by itself and sometimes when I change it, it doesn't get changed! I went to MEC and there was an Asian guy whom had a look. Didn't detect much! I told him that I'd bring it over later. Then he calls me! I said to myself: I waited for you and you wait for me now!
We eventually started at about 12:45, I guess, and rode toward west. We passed Fort Calgary and then headed south and that was when the heavy rainfall started. We continued until it turned to hail. We luckily reached an overpass on that time and sheltered from hail for about maybe 10 minutes. We then continued south. The Hope has a brand new Carbon bicycle and is well-equipped. I was riding my RoboBike and I was OK. I guess if he wanted to go really fast and leave me, he could do it and actually did it a few times. We passed Old Refinery Park, Carburn Park and continued to Fish Creek and then turned west and got ourselves in Weaselhead Natural Area which connected us to North Glenmore Park
We only stopped for a short break in that park and then continued on 37 St. The Hope was guiding us through his little GPS all the time until we reached Richmond Road
We headed further north from there towards Edworthy Park were he had parked his vehicle. He was worried about his BMW but we realized that the hail had not caused any damage to it.
(Photo: This is the only picture which was turned out OK and shows the rainy and haily(!) clouds in and around city which served us very well!)

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