Thursday, July 07, 2016

The Winner and a New Interview

For someone who has been out of work for 9 months now, even a little good news lifts his spirit. It was exactly 9 months ago that the bastards called me to the office and gave me the kick in the butt!
Nevertheless I received an e-mail from the manager of the volunteer job I do yesterday indicating that I had won the monthly prize for my contributions to the organization as a volunteer. There is a little money involved here but the fact is the spiritual lift of that is very important. Just a few minutes before reading the e-mail, I had a chat with a lady from the same organization for another volunteer work which is more time-consuming and more serious. If I get that, that would be awesome and I have something even bigger in my resume.
Then I had a short telephone interview for a Federal Government job this afternoon. This one is a hell of a job, if I can get it. The start was very disappointing. The minute he started talking I realized that he was not Caucasian. He sounded more like an East European guy: Aggressive, rude, bossy and careless! What could I do? He asked me to explain what I had done so far in my career and I told him about the last job I had, hoping to impress him. He interrupted me a few time during the phone conversation which is very odd. Caucasians, particularly the ones who work for governments, sit and listen to you carefully. They never jump in. Then he questioned me about other undertakings. I explained a little bit about the time I spent in British Columbia working in construction industry. That was when he questioned my work timing! he asked how I was able to work for two companies at the same time! I was not sure whether I have made a mistake in the resume or he was tricking me but I couldn't figure out because I had to leave the apartment and sit in the car to talk to him! There were workers in the unit, fixing things!
Then he asked one of the most awkward questions that I had never heard in any government position interview: What is your salary expectations? All the government jobs have a specific and pre-determined salaries. At times they give you a range or some call it a window. You never get outside that range. For this position the range was very wide, I remember. I didn't care. I'm not in a position to negotiate a salary, particularly after 9 months of unemployment! So I told him that since the job was exciting, interesting and challenging, I would have been fine with whatever is given to me. That was his last question. The total conversation took less than 15 minutes. I was expecting it to take at least 30 minutes and that probably is not a good sign. He said I would receive a message from their HR if I was selected to go the next stage. I don't think I have a good chance. He also asked me, and I forgot to mention it, that what I had done in terms of Industrial Engineering. I explained to him that graduates of this program work in different fields. He didn't sound to buy that but said nothing.
In a nutshell it was a very disappointing and extraordinary interview. I had never felt that way. I don't know whether they call me or not but I told the bastard that I worked with small manufacturing businesses and saw how they struggle. I told him I would be able to help. He was looking at me the entire time like someone who is being interrogated because of a wrongdoing! He was waiting for an opportunity to catch me saying something wrong! Very unprofessional! 

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