Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Outcry over Air Miles

There are a number of reward programs in the country. From the Optimum Card of Shoppers Dug Mart to McDonald's beverage sticker. The one that people like a lot is Air Miles. I've been a collector for a long time now but didn't collect many points for a long time. There was a time that lived in Squamish and there is no Safeway or other major retailer, to offer Air Miles points, except for Rona that I never shopped there for myself. So in that period I earned basically nothing. Then I moved to the Lower Mainland and lived from Coquitlam, Surrey, White Rock and then Surrey again and barely went to Safeway. When I returned to Alberta although we mostly went to Superstore for our grocery shopping, we occasionally went to Safeway and in addition to that I purchased gasoline mostly from Shell. I accumulated a total of 3960 points, I guess.
There was this in the news a few weeks ago that whatever Air Miles you have collected in the past year, if not used by the end of 2016, will be cancelled. I always wanted to use them for plane tickets like most of the the people but then this shitty situation came up and I'm kind of stuck here now! So what I did was I went to their online items list and ordered a few items. To be specific I ordered a Sleeping Bag and a pair of Celestron Binoculars. The confirmation number indicated that I would receive them in about a month. I received them both this week, within a day! 
I guess it was a good deal for me who enjoys outdoor. There are other items available that you need to purchase them by using a combination of Air Miles and cash but I didn't want to. So this thing that people say that they're having a hard time using their points, might be true for the people who don't have any use for Binoculars and Sleeping Bags but there are many other things that you can order and enjoy. Just have to spend a little time. 
(Photo: The Celestron binoculars that I ordered and received today. I've got to try it one weekend to see how it is)

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