Sunday, July 24, 2016

Summer, After All!

I went for jugging today shortly before noon. It was warm but not intolerably hot. People were out in hundreds but it was not disturbing crowded, at least not were I was jogging! After more than 10 days of rain, cloud, hail and storm, it became summer a few days ago. It even went up to 28 Degrees C one day but didn't bother me much. I had set my alarm for 05:00 and wanted to go for hiking to Kananaskis but I couldn't. I was too tired due to lack of enough sleep. It's been 3 weeks now, I guess. In addition to tiredness and laziness, this fucking job searching is making me very uncomfortable. I haven't gotten anything and it doesn't look like it will improve soon. I'm not going to the field of job searching. I have started going to our local gym as well. One of the bars was missing almost 2 months ago and I was not able to do biceps. I noticed just the other day that it had been put back. I did 4 sets and also other exercises. My hope is to get in better physical shape in case any law enforcement job opportunity comes up. 
(Photo: I took this picture using my telephone camera and that's why it doesn't have a high quality. People are enjoying themselves in a floater on Bow River. Further up, near the bridge, a few are practicing surfing, something that I have written about earlier)

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