Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Good First Aid Course

I decided to renew my First Aid certificate a few weeks ago and checked Canadian Red Cross website. I was then referred to Titan Health & Safety, an educational small group which operates in a small community center and I registered for the course. I didn't check any other organization. So I can't say whether their price is reasonable or not but apart from a few small flaws, which you can find in any instructor, their course was pretty good.
We were as many as maybe 25 to 30 people from different age groups and backgrounds and there were two instructors: A British woman and a Canadian guy. Making silly jokes, which are not funny mostly, maybe not to me(!), is part of education here in Canada and I guess they do that to make the course and teaching less boring but the problem is if you don't chose your wording wisely, it's sometimes ridiculous instead of funny! 
I hardly remember the first time that I took this course that was in Brit'SHIT' Columbia but I don't think the instructors as good as this fella. Perhaps it's now so many years because it was 2008-09 when I did the courses first and barely remember anything. 
Nevertheless if you want to learn something about First Aid, Titan is the place. You participate, you ask question and you practically do things. The course seems easy. The fact is would you be able to do what you learn and practice, in real life and death situation? I doubt that many can. There was an old woman who was not even able to kneel! So how could she help someone who is injured and dying!? She needs help herself! The fact of matter is these guys don't care! They wanted her money and then handed her a card at the end but shouldn't be a minimum physical capability for someone who provides First Aid? Perhaps not. Not in a society that everything ends in money! Greed is what runs the wheels of this society. The rest is just a show, a play, a motto and similar! 

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