Monday, July 18, 2016

Another Kick in the Butt by the Gogernment

I had an interview for a Government position a few days ago. This was coincided with the time that maintenance guys were in the unit! I had to leave and sit in the car to answer the questions! I came to this conclusion that Government jobs are toughest to get. In addition to their lengthy process and numerous stages that you have to pass, normally dealing with the people who perform the interviews or coordinate the examinations in tough! Some of them are real bastards and if they realize, which is very easy to happens, that you're from the part of the world that they don't like, they make sure that you don't get the job at all and create every possible obstacle for you. 
This sun of the bitch who interviewed me for a short 15 min., I guess, could even talk properly, motherfucker! He sounded like one of these Eastern European assholes that poured to this country after the Balkan War and others who allegedly ran away from Communism. At times he was not even able to make a sentence that makes sense! He questioned my work experience! He suspected that I worked for two companies at the same time, or at least this is what he said he saw in my resume! I'm sure I never make a mistake like that and I had never been asked a question like that but maybe I misrepresented myself this time but the way he was talking and his tone was disgusting. 
Anyway I received an e-mail from them last Fri. indicating that I was out. I still keep looking and applying every day.
(Photo: I use this cartoon and Government's logo. I hope none of the owners of them is not upset. This was the second Government job that I was turned down from in the past 2 month)

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