Sunday, July 10, 2016

McDonald's Goat Burger

I went to see The Chef this past weekend mainly because I was almost out of money and in the past 2 trips we had together I had paid for everything and he just enjoyed! He also wanted me to print the photos of the trip for him but I didn't because I certainly don't want to pay and not get paid later! I always call him and he rarely does. So when I called on Fri. he said he would be busy because he has a tenant to come and settle down. He added that he would call me later. I was doing LPI practice on Sat. and heard the telephone ringing. That was him asking me to join. So I saddled up and rode my bike to him. It's very boring and tiring to go all the way to his place because it's almost 22 km! So this time I rode to Whitehorn Station, which used to be the last LRT station in Calgary when I first came to Calgary, took the train to Westwind Station and then rode again to his place. 
We had a little chat and then we went to a nearby London Drugs and in there he ordered his photos. Then on the way back to his place he said: Let's go to McDonald's and have a Hamburger and Coffee. OK, I said. So we went in and I ordered 2 12s and two coffees. When we finished our meal I grabbed one of the boxes and showed it to him: Do you know what it was we just ate? I then pointed at the French part of the box (pictured) and said that it was Goat. Of course he's dumb enough not to know that Gout is the disease and Goat is the animal! He looked at the box, took his eyeglasses out and read it: It's Goat! I said: Chef! They fed us Goat, man! Goat! He had a hard time believing that but being so dumb, he still was in doubt! He said: That might be even Pork! He's so concerned about eating Pork! He drinks Wine, Beer and hard liqueur like someone drinking water, Soda or Coffee every day but when it comes to Pork, he becomes conservative! I said we are going to do something: What if we ask from the guy at the counter? He said: Yes. Go ask him. So there was this young Caucasian fella maybe 17 or 18 with a Cowboy hat (at it's Stampede time) and I showed the box to him. I asked: My friend here is concerned whether we were eating Chicken or Goat. Do you see what's written here? This poor idiot is not much smarter than The Chef! Instead of saying that Gout is the illness and Goat is the animal and this cannot be Goat meal he looks at the box and tries to read French and then he says that he doesn't know French
That was one I decided not to bother him any more and told The Chef that the young fella believes that we had Chicken but kept giving him suspicious all the way to the house and in! 
(Photo: McDonald's recently offers a Chicken Burger called 12. It's $5.99 for just the sandwich and tastes OK. Who knows what shit they use to make it tasty! This is its box made out of 100% recycled paper)

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