Friday, July 15, 2016

A Whole Wet Week

It's has been raining off and on since last Sat. What a pleasure for Stampede goers! I think neither the tourists nor the business owners in Stampede and Calgary in general are very happy! They say rain is OK but the majority of the activities take place outside and when dogs and cats are coming down, you can't even walk, not to mention that none of the rides would be enjoyable, nor the food would be available. I don't care about this. I went to Stampede with The Lady last year and we had a good time. I would probably not go for the next 5 years or so if I'm still here! The wet weather also has taken away any chance to hike or scramble within 200 Km from Calgary! Would not be fun if went in a foggy and rainy day. I've done it before and didn't like it much.
These tiny flowers are so nice that I couldn't help taking a photographing them although I only had taken my small camera with me. 
I decided to have a walk in the afternoon because I was fucking bored. Although I went for jogging in the morning I didn't want to stay home any more, at least for part of the afternoon. When you have no work all you do it sit at the desk and do job searching, sending e-mails and receiving them, watching clips and wasting time in general. I went to South Glenmore Park to walk by the reservoir and it was not bad. The rain had stopped when I was there but I was too tired. Sat at one of the donated benches and relaxed for a few minutes and went back home.
There was warning about storm, tornado, rain and hail for almost everywhere in Calgary! So I guess tomorrow will be fucked up as well! There was also news of Stampede making its admission only $5, if you go in the afternoon between certain hours but who the hell's going there?! It's lost its magic for me! Maybe tomorrow I do only job searching and then wandering around a little bit! There's not much to do when you're unemployed and the weather is not cooperating!
On the way back to the vehicle when I was taking photo of the tiny pink flower, in fact when I rose up, I noticed an animal running! I also realized that the Crows were making too much noise and screaming! I looked and it was a Coyote, I guess. I took a shot as quick as possible but it obviously didn't turn out very well! It could have been a Fox too. I'm just not sure but it was more likely Coyotes because they frequent the City and I had seen them before a few times. In addition to that the animal didn't have the long and fluffy tail. I'm not going to post the photo here because it's too small and not very appealing to a keen eye.
(Photos: Heavy clouds over Glenmore Reservoir. It was said today that Bow River's level had come up in a way that the City officials may consider opening the reservoir's hatches to let some of the water go, probably preventing something similar but maybe not as bad as flood of 2013)

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