Monday, July 11, 2016

A Rare Environmental Phonemena

Canada is the country of different environmental phenomena which I had not seen them before my immigration: Blizzard, freezing rain, summer hail storm and maybe more. This one that I'm telling is not among them but interesting. The Lady told me that she had seen snow on her way to work around 19th St. NW in summer, a few years ago. I didn't believe her! Not that I thought she was laying. I thought she had mistaken something else with snow until I finally saw that last year! She was right! Snow on the grounds in July and there hasn't been any snowfall! 
This year I got the chance to shot it. I was in that vicinity and I will tell what for on the weekend of July the 2nd and 3rd and I saw it and realized why it happens: The snow is on the ground and there's a pile covered by a tall tree's shadow. During the day the sun rarely shines on it and doesn't melt it. At night it goes down to 13 or even single digit and melting stops. It might be gone by now because it has been two weeks and there were a few times of rain and hail but it survived all the hot days up to first week of July! 
(Photo: This pile of snow is seen on 19th St. SW where West Hillhurst Community Center is located and as I said it was taken on the 2nd day of July)

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